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The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Finding The Best Riding Mowers.

A riding lawn mower is a fantastic help when it comes to mowing your lawn especially if you have a big back yard, but picking the best riding lawn mower can be a task in its self as there are so many different types and brands to choose from, the last thing you need is to buy a riding mower that isn’t what you need buy being too small or big for the job you require it to do. There are more than enough well established companies out there to choose from such as Honda, John Deere are just a few to mention but picking the best the best riding lawn mower in your price range and for your needs is the most important part of buying a riding mower, so I am going to list the types of mowers I would buy for certain types of lawns.

Different Types Of Riding Mowers

The first type of riding lawn mower is the ZTR zero turn radius mowers, this is best for people who have flat land and allot of trees and shrubbery to go around, then a zero turn radius mower is going to be your best choice, the motor sits to the back of these riding mowers, although nearly all zero radius turn mowers are powerful in there motors’ they do not do very well on uneven ground. The controls on these mowers are by hand grip which can take a bit of getting used to, you can add extras to this type of riding mower but not as many as you can with a lawn tractor.

The Lawn Tractor

The second type of riding mower, witch I think is the best riding lawn mower is the lawn tractor, the motors on these are at the front and are allot more powerful so they can handle almost any terrain although they do take a wider turn and are a more expensive than the (ZTR) zero radius turn mowers. You can also get a wide range of attachments for the lawn tractor, such as trailers, aerators, plows, scooping tools to name a few, not to mention a cab for those cold days or hot days to keep the cold out and the sun off your back.

Only you can decide the best riding lawn mower that suites your needs, as we said before if your lawn is flat with or without allot of trees and shrubbery then the zero radius turn mower is going to be best for you needs as the price won’t be as bad and it will handle the job in hand, but if you aren’t sure about the terrain in your yard and you don’t know if the (ZTR) riding lawn mower will be able to handle the job then maybe you should go the extra mile on price and buy the lawn tractor, as this will be able to handle the job of cutting almost any lawn the only problem being the turning circle.

Don’t forget about extended warranties, buying a riding lawn mower is expensive enough without something going wrong with the machine as well, so adding an extended warranty when buying the mower is a must as far as I am concerned, especially if you are new to riding mowers and you don’t know a great deal about them. So there you go a quick over look at the two best riding lawn mowers, before you rush out and buy the first riding mower that you think is a good deal make sure you shop online at places such as the Craigslist, eBay and look in local farm magazines if not just to compare prices so when you do buy one you are happy that you got the best riding lawn mower for you money.



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